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>Sorry for the mistake Skip.
>Hilly could have just as easily gone with a sure thing and booked some
>J. Geils or Journey soundalike. (Not that theres anything wrong with
>that music.)

Actually, no he couldn't have. Originally Bands were not paid and the only
stipulation was that the band play all originals. His concept for the club
had nothing to do with punk, rock or any "new wave" as Seymour Stein later
packaged it , music. Once it got going Hilly certainly embraced it but he in
no way was a visionary who identified a new trend in music and his taste in
music was completely different.

College radio was also completely inconsequential at that time and had
nothing to do with launching the seminal bands of the punk/new wave era.
Later on they played a part and grew in influence with the help of people
like Marc Josephson and services such as Rockpool and NMS. 

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