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> I may have the opportunity to make some turns in Oregon around Thanksgiving
> time. Sheffy, dana, Jerm, others... what shape are most of the ski areas in
> at that point? How many of them are typically open besides Timberline? I
> realize this can be a highly variable time of year weather-wise.

Well, last winter it was puking then. It was DEEP, just ask Keller. Not sure how it was down
south, but Baker had gotten something like 10 feet in a week. Alpental was open, or very close to
open. And I was in Mexico...

But, two weeks earlier, there was nothing. Actually, there was less than nothing. Major highways
were erased from the map near Hood Meadows. Paradise got 18" of rain in 36 hours, with 120mph
winds  at Muir recorded before the equipment blew apart. Parts of Puget Sound were without power
for weeks.  I skied at Paradise the day it started (I think I was actually the last skier off the
mountain before the park closed). Black clouds were boiling to the west, the wind was ripping. And
in a flash it went from a light drizzle to absolutely POURING. An experience I wont soon forget.

Anyway, skiing that early here is sort of like skiing early in New England, either you're on hard
groomed snow (at basically one place, Timberline), or you're skiing an early season dump. Nobody
makes snow, because if it is cold enough to make it, it's already coming from the sky. But really,
is there anywhere that has reliably good snow in November? The only place that comes to mind is
Wolf Creek. 


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