reading through late posts while i was away on vaca.

you say you paddle?
northern vt?
i've bought and read the vt paddle guid to the winnoski, white and upper ct
looking for paddle camping similar to what we used to do in the boundary 
waters of northern mn.

ever tried that?

also been thinking about moving to burlington
wondering what the kyaking is like.

regarding fat-
I tell my wife often size isn't as important as what's on the inside.
A good heart, lungs and sound working joints will do more for her than worrying 
about being 10-20 lbs more than she would like.

I'm a scrawny 140lb 5'8 with terrible cardio and weak knees due to my day job 
staring at a computer.  Last week i tried to run a 5k with her and she left me 
in wheezing in her dust

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