Hi Everyone,
I have a few things to say. First of all, I was a little disappointed  
about the amount of people who were at practice at Twin Oaks yesteray.  
I dont mind if you e-mailme a pretty legitamate excuse, but if you  
just dont show, it sort of hurts my feelings. I have worked very hard  
to get us to be able to play there and I want all of you to take  
advantage of this in order to improve your squash game!

- So, I have insurance waivers everyone has to fill out by Friday or  
they will not be able to be on the team. I am going to bring them to  
practice on Tuesday or have someone bring them, because I will be  
meeting with SGA to get money for Twin Oaks. PLease come so you can  
fill out the forms and then we will be all set for practicing.

-As far as P.E credits go...All of you will be able to get credits for  
P.E by the end of the semester as long as you meet my standards. I  
havent made them yet, but i  am thinking they will be you have to come  
to at least 2 of the 3 practices, or something around there.

-I want to talk to everyone about uniforms, because we need to get them soon
before we start competing. I dont think we are going to go through  
with the whole process and get them through SGA yet, but maybe get  
matching Vermont Squash t- shirts and then green bottoms. We will talk  
on Tuesday.

- I want all dues paid by next Sunday. $50 per person. And if you have  
anyone who can give donations to the team, try to get the check to me  
as soon as possible to be able to help our team out!!!
I do love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you,