Howdy everyone!

  Back by popular demand, the Computer Science Student Association is 
once again starting up its semester line of Tech Talk Movie Nights on 
Wednesdays at 7pm in Votey 367 (starting tonight!)

  Our first organizational meeting of the year hashed out a number of 
great speaker topics as well as the addition of hands-on coding and 
hardware hacking projects this year, so if you have an interest in 
anything from network security or designing device drivers to restoring 
old hardware or even turning old phones into computer microphones, then 
our events this year are likely to keep you up to your Jolt Cola 
spattered caffeine molecule T-shirt in good old-fashioned geekery.

  The schedule we'll be working with goes like so:

  Wed 9/05 Tech Talk Movie Night:
	(By request of members)
	Overview of Database-driven Dynamic Web Development Technologies
	Movie: Real Genius

  Wed 9/12 CSIT Hands-on Project: 
	Building a Web-based Pulsar Database Search Engine

  Wed 9/19 Tech Talk Movie Night: 
	Subject and Movie TBA

  Wed 9/26 CSIT Hands-on Project: 
	Project TBA

  And so on... alternating Wednesdays throughout the semester.  We want 
our talks to be given by students who want to share their extracurricular 
interests with others and our projects to help you all get hands-on 
experience on subjects you'd like to really get under your belt.  As 
always, we'll be developing our subject matter as we go and are constantly 
requesting feedback from our members, so if you have any ideas, e-mail 
them to the list, and by all means, if you'd like to help out with a talk, 
we'd love to hear from you.

  As always, refreshments will be provided.

  Keep on hackin' in the free world,
    Gary Johnson
    CSSA President