Hi all,

many of you may have not met me before but I have been the CSSA advisor
since the group was orgainized by josh, gabe and ed so many years ago! It
has been my extreme pleasure to work in this role but i am passing the
torch to Professor Chris Skalka.

however feel free to ask my advice at anytime :)

Keep up the exciting work everyone is doing!

Be Cool,
    Bob E.

Robert M. Erickson
Senior Lecturer, Computer Science Department, University of Vermont

p.s. couple suggestions before i forget

robert snapp mentioned this today, sell CS t-shirts as a fund raiser (i am
wearing mine today :)

take on a project each year, i always think a php database web site, there
are lots that can be done, stop in and ask i am sure someone has asked me,
so i always have several! i would say it would be a neat cssa project that
the club could work on together.