Today's activities festival was a great success!  There were so many  
students there that learned about who we are, bought raffle tickets,  
and signed up for our listserv.
Professor Pechinick -  we had 30 students or more sign up for our list  
serv.  I tried adding people before and was not very successful.  Is  
there a way to do many people at one time?

The first meeting should have a really high turn out.  Terry is  
looking into reserving a larger room with a projector for our guest  
speaker from Stantec.  - Hopefully it will be Perkins 101 (just  
downstairs from wear we normally are).

I will be sending out a reminder about the meeting a day or two in  
advance with the official meeting place and time.

a BIG THANKS to all of those that helped and came today!!!