Hello EWB-USA Chapters,

Below you will find some useful information about EWB-USA, grants and project information for this fall.  Please take a quick look at the topics below!

1) Fall Workshops:  EWB-USA will be having (4) regional fall workshops. Hurry, early bird registration and hotel deals are about to run out for some of the workshops! For more information, please see this webpage:  http://www.ewb-usa.org/Workshops.php

2) The new 507 Trip Report format has arrived!: The new 507 Project Design Compendium is posted online.  Please take a look at it and begin to use it for your next submittal for an 806 Assessment Presentation, 507 Assessment Trip Report, 807 Implementation Presentation, and 507 Implementation Trip Report.  Please let us know if you have any questions or comments by contacting a project manager: Meg [log in to unmask] or MJ [log in to unmask].

3) Project Process:
  We need your travel information at least 4-8 weeks prior to your departure date.  Check out this webpage for information on what to do prior to your team traveling. If you have questions about the process, please do not hesitate to e-mail or call the office (303-772-2723x117). 

EWB-USA Project Process

4) Grants: 

a) The Buckminster Fuller Institute announces the launch of the first annual Buckminster Fuller Challenge. This grant might be helpful for some chapters.  The award is $100,000! http://designsciencelab.org/node

 b) Lighting Africa Competition Launched; Call for Proposals Open Through Oct 31

The World Bank Group and partners launched on September 5 the Lighting Africa Development Marketplace Grant Competition, which seeks innovative projects that address the off-grid lighting needs of Sub-Saharan Africa. Ten to 20 winners will receive grant funding of up to $200,000 each for ideas on alternative distribution models, new clean lighting technology, stronger production chains and improvement of the policy environment, among others. Visit www.lightingafrica.org for more information.

6) National Office: EWB-USA just hired a new project coordinator for our national office, Colleen O'Holleran.  Colleen or Tammy Wergin may be contacting your chapter about project related topics this fall.  Click here to learn more about our staff.

Thank you,

Meg VanSciver, MJ Jones, Tammy Wergin & Colleen O’Holleran
This is a general e-mail to all the chapters.


Meg VanSciver
Senior Project Manager

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