Hey JM2!

Hope you're all doing well and rocking your midterms.  I just want to give you all a heads 
up about the quiet hour policy.  As a result of the excessive noise in the halls and 
OUTSIDE the building, the Jeanne Mance staff is no longer giving warnings to violaters.  
All noise violations will be documented.  If you have any questions about what is 
considered a noise policy violation, feel free to stop by my room or talk to Hannah or any 
of the other RAs.  We are asking you to please be aware of the other people who live in 
this community who may need to get up early and work or may have early morning 

There is a list outside of my room for the JM2 Intramural Volleyball team!  The 
registration deadline is October 8th so sign-up soon!  Start brainstorming a team name.

Also, our wonderful Community Action Board purchased kitchen essentials (pots, pans, 
and other good stuff) that are available at the JM front desk.  

One more thing, I will also be posting up a sign-up sheet on my door to get an idea of the 
number of people who would like to go applepicking!!!  I can't believe that it is already 
October!! But that is all for now.

You're all fabulous!