Japanese House no minasan,

Joh-kun, thank you for your message.
Sounds great!

I have one suggestion about your film viewing.  I already mentioned this to a couple of people. If you have enough Japanese movies to show every Friday, that will be just fine, but if you don't have enough movies and if it is difficult for the members to host a movie night every Friday, you could also invite other Global Village suites to show movies.  Please discuss this with members.  We could discuss things like this at the first Japanese business luncheon, too.
Look forward to seeing you all at the luncheon.

One more thing, if you want to purchase new DVDs, please send the sites to me.

Have a good week!!!



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On Sep 2, 2007, at 11:13 AM, Jonathan Tinkham wrote:

Hey guys,

There are two events coming up that we've done in the past, and Heidi needs to know if people are interested.

First up is the serve-a-thon on September 29th. We sign up as a group, and we go do community service someplace. Not everyone has to do it, but just send Heidi an email if you're interested ([log in to unmask]) so she can send in the registration form.

The second is Ringo-Masturi (Apple Festival) where there is apple picking, food, and taiko (festival drumming). Last year, Heidi led everyone in some casual bon dancing. Heidi got another email asking if we would be interested in doing it again. It's pretty easy and Heidi can teach us all how to do it. It's on the 22nd and starts at noon. Be sure to email Heidi so we know how many people we have to carpool over.

Also, we should start getting movies to show at our movie nights (every Friday at 5:30), so if you have a movie you want to show, just email me ([log in to unmask]). If you have no idea what to show, ruffle through the collection of DVD's in the middle suite and see if anything catches your attention. There's about 13 weeks we can show movies and 12 of us so it's about a movie a person (and for those in AIS 95, the Global Village course, presenting a movie, complete with introduction and light discussion, counts as an event). I usually take care of the posters so email me somewhat ahead of time so I can get to making those. Or if you want to help out making them, send me an email.

Thanks everyone, be sure to email to the list server if you have any questions/comments/suggestions