Hello hello everyone

I checked yesterday on having a table at the activities fair this  
upcoming wednesday and apparently we were suppose to sign up on  
Monday unbeknownst to SFPGJ.  However there is a good possibility  
that some of clubs won't show up so we can just take one of the empty  
tables.  This year its being held in the parking loop in front of the  
davis center from 10am-3pm so we need to show a little before that to  
set up.  Everything from SFPGJ will be there so its gonna be cramped.

I think we should still do the rock toss from the coke olympics and  
have a sign up sheet as well.  I also need to know who can be able to  
table during this so send me your available times during the day.

I've also attached the petition as well for those who can get more  
signatures in their classes.

Hope you all have a kicking long weekend.