What actually is Patriot Day?  Massachusetts has Patriots day in the spring when the Boston Marathon is run. Miki, Townshend Treasurer
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  Northfield appreciates also Ginny!



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  Thank you for these notices. I really appreciate them

  Deb La Riviere

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    Date Issued:  September 6, 2007



    N O T I C E



    Flags to be Lowered to Half Staff



    Per Federal Code P.L. 94-344 and Presidential Proclamation


    Where the flag will be lowered:

    All State facilities around the state


    Which flag(s) will be lowered:

                The U.S flag, Vermont State flag, POW flags, and any other flags **


    Date the flag is to be lowered:

                At sunrise on Tuesday, September 11, 2007



    Date flag is to return to full staff:

                At sunset on Tuesday, September 11, 2007



    Reason to lower flag(s):


    In keeping with the Presidential Proclamation, the Governor has ordered the U.S. and Vermont flags at all state facilities lowered to half staff in recognition of Patriot Day.



    **        Please note all flags must fly at half-staff for that period of time.


    Rule:  When the U.S. flag is lowered, the Vermont flag, the POW flag, and any other flag must also be lowered, because the U.S. flag must always fly above or equal to any other flags that are flown.



    Notice sent by:            

                                         Diane Nealy

                                        Office of the Commissioner

                                        Buildings & General Services

    (802) 828-3519

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