How are other towns handling the recent adjustment payments if the some of the person's 2007 taxes are delinquent?  Our municipal taxes were due in August.  I was told by the tax department that the payment that we received last week has to be applied first to the principal of the delinquent tax bill but not the interest and penalties.  The remainder of the adjustment goes towards the upcoming taxes due in November.  However, the people still owe penalties and interest on the amount of taxes that were delinquent even though the state payment covers the tax.  Is this how everyone else is doing it?  How will your delinquent tax collector keep track of the interest that accrues each month when no more tax is due?  Does any more interest accrue if no more tax is due?  What if they never pay it?  Does it keep increasing?  We don't have NEMRC's tax administration module - just the grand list.  The DTC does everything manually.
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