Courts have considered this issue - and it will depend upon the facts, including the specific language of the deed, and the intended use of the right of way at the time of the conveyance. The following is a quote from  Clearwater Realty Co. v. Bouchard, 146 Vt. 359 (1985):   "When a deed merely recites a general right-of-way over the servient estate, the owner of the easement is "'entitled to a convenient, reasonable, and accessible way, having regard to the interest and convenience of the owner of the land as well as their own.'" Patch v. Baird, 140 Vt. 60, 66, 435 A.2d 690, 692 (1981) (quoting Lafleur v. Zelenko, 101 Vt. 64, 70, 141 A. 603, 605 (1928)). More particularly, when the width of an easement is undetermined by the deed "the law says that it shall be of a reasonable width, considering the purpose for which it was intended." County of Addison v. Blackmer, 101 Vt. 384, 388, 143 A. 700, 701 (1928)."


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Subject: Right of Ways

Do any of you know if there is a new law regarding right of ways?
Can a Right of Way over someone's land ( not town) be physical blocked by fence, etc?
Can a Right of Way over someone's land ( not town) be posted for "No Trespassing"?  Thanks,  Nancy