unlikely that the resident is an "idiot" or he/she would not have gotten this far- on the contrary, he/she is likely educable and it's an opportunity for you to educate- I always make it my job to tell the residents that we don't do carotid "Dopplers" or venous "Dopplers" and haven't since I was a resident and to explain why we don't do carotid duplex scans for "dizziness" or venous exams for the majority of suspected pulmonary emboli, it's clear that they have no idea what test they are ordering, they are just following orders from their senior resident or faculty, who usually don't know what we do either- their faculty have no idea what we do, but the residents are at a stage when they can actually learn what we do and become better users of the resources- the ACGME says we must teach and test 6 Core Competencies and among these is Systems Based Practice, which includes proper use of resources- perhaps your medical director wants to talk to the directors of the Internal Medicine and Pediatrics residencies with the idea that you might spend some time telling their residents what the vascular lab does- by the way, if the resident gets argumentative, let your medical director talk to him/her and his/her program director, another Core Competency is Professionalism and arguing when someone is trying to help and teach you is not professional
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I just had my first in 17 years.  An ER resident sent over a 12 year old for a dvt study because he had an episode of syncope. the kid fractured his ankle a week ago and had a cast from ankle to pop fossa. I didn't scan him but I challenged the doc a bit and did a little googling and now I'm wondering what your collective opinion is: idiot? or Dr House?  thanks Elizabeth  MI
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