We had a little descrepency with a new ER doc at our facility yesterday.  We would appreciate any input anyone has.
     A patient presented to the ER with unilateral leg pain s/p trauma.  The ER doctor ordered bilateral lower extremity duplex to r/o DVT.  When we called to question it we were told he demanded bilateral even though the patient had symptoms only in one leg.
     We asked the radiologist to call and he spoke directly to the doc and was told that anywhere he had practiced in the past it was "standard of care"  to evaluate bilaterally for a comparison.
    We actually were fortunate enough to consult with a vascular surgeon and interventional radiologist on this and we all formed the same conclusion that there was no need for bilateral.
     Needless to say the test was performed bilaterally at his insistance.  Is anyone following this so-called standard of care at their facility and imaginging bilaterally when the symptoms are clearly unilateral.  
     Also the patient was questioning the fact that we were doing both of his legs when he clearly had a problem with only one.

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