I was only going to stop at Herrick's Cove for ten minutes or so, but 
I got sucked into a mini-warbler fallout; at the far end of the Cove 
on and around the point I found, in addition to lots of juvenile 
Cedar Waxwings, Goldfinches, Eastern Phoebes, Chickadees and Blue 
Jays, I spotted a variety of warblers, including what are probably 
Black-Throated Green, Magnolia and Yellow-Rumped, as well as several 
others.  I took lots of photographs and will need time to go through 
them to verify what I saw.  Also seen and (sadly) not photographed 
was a brown creeper that landed seven feet away from me and spotted 
me before I spotted it.

It will take me some time to go through all these photos and I'm 
behind on work today, so I don't know when I'll be able to verify all 
the IDs.  Hopefully soon, but maybe not until Saturday.

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