At 5:46 PM -0400 9/26/07, DS Rolnick wrote:
>Peterson's Warblers and Kauffman's Guides would seem to imply that your
>mystery bird is a Pine Warbler - a first fall female.   There are 
>bright wingbars,
>so it isn't an Orange-crowned; there is, it seems, too much olive (and not
>enough rust, perhaps) for a Bay-breasted; and it has no streaking for a

Thanks to Dave and everyone who contacted me privately about this 
bird-- I'm inclined to agree it's a Pine and had been hoping for 
that, as it's a bird I've been looking to get a photograph of for 
ages now and have had several close chances, all of which ended up in 
a miss.   So finally getting one is awesome.

In other news, I once again failed to get a picture of a brown 
creeper today-- this time it was on a tree in our yard when I got 
home.  Before I had a chance to get the camera out it was gone, but 
it helped solve a mystery of a call I'd been hearing for several days 
now.  Next time I hear it, I know what to look for and where to look.

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