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for Ron
Pittaway's informed forecast for finches and other birds this coming  
in southern Ontario. Because seed crops in northern New York are
synchronous across a large span of the northeast and thus similar to  
in adjacent Ontario, his forecast for the coming months will apply  
also to
our area. Look for the usual biannual influx of redpolls into our area
later this fall and winter as well as some influx of pine and evening
grosbeaks and bohemian waxwings. Also, northern owls may stage another
invasion into southern Ontario and Quebec and adjacent states. Deer and
white-footed mouse and red-backed vole populations are  
extraordinarily high
now in the Adirondacks but will be crashing this winter. Expect lots of
deer and white-footed mice to move into houses looking for food this  
I've live trapped over 40 at a friend's house in the past week.

Larry Master
Lake Placid