By golly I think you've got it.
It has all the right field marks.
If the legs were dark it would be a Bay-breasted.


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Subject: [VTBIRD] More Warblers at Allen Brothers Marsh

We went back again this afternoon and spotted two more warblers: 
yellow-rumped and what I -think- is a fall blackpoll.  I went through 
a lot of possibilities before I arrived at Blackpoll, but it's one of 
the few warblers with double-white wingbars -and- pink legs, combined 
with yellow underparts and faint spotted streaks underneath.  The 
first two thumbnails from the link below will get you the possible 
blackpoll.  I'd love to get verification as to whether or nit it is 
Blackpoll, as I've only ever photographed one once, and it's a lousy 

The next thumbnail is a yellowrump.  The fourth and fifth are the 
palm warblers I posted about earlier in the day.

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