Per Ted Murin, on Sunday, Sep. 30th, several observers had 
close views of an adult NELSONS SHARP-TAILED SPARROW 
at the Brilyea Access west of the goose-viewing area on Rte 17 in Addison.

For a long time, the SHARP-TAILED SPARROW 
was saucily cooperative while openly munching on seeds, 
but then shifted into its secretive-as-a-mouse-mode.

Location:  west branch of Brilyea Access.
Hike the track through the woods west of the FIRST parking lot.
About 200 yards past the woods, hang a left onto the 
oft-mentioned path through the goldenrod.  
At the end of the goldenrod path, turn right -- 
the sparrow is/was about 30 yards to the right.

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