I am helping someone find statistics of the 2003 Iraq War veterans who are 
returning to the states and need health and human services, specifically those 
with amputations.  

I searched the DoD, , Google, PubMed, CINAHL, and found 
next to nothing.   I also searched Proquest NewspaperSource, and found a 
few articles.  There are a few blogs out there in the web; but it is difficult to 
find anything scholarly or otherwise scientifically authoritative about amputees 
who need healthcare services and support in the US healthcare system (or 
even the VA system).  

I also searched the Library of Congress's system for testimony 
before house committees, and found a few things from Marcy 2007; but 
nothing that can be nailed down.

Is this all top secret info?  Or isn't anyone keeping track?

If you send directly to me I'll summarize for the list by the end of the week.

Thanks in advance!

Paul Blobaum
Associate Professor, Health Professions Librarian
University Library
Governors State University
University Park, IL    p-blobaum @ govst . edu