Jimski wrote:
>Awesome reds and oranges have erupted in the last couple of

Actually the blanket of fall colors over the rolling hills is one 
aspect of the east that I miss. We get fall colors here, but it's 
more like fall color or two due to the more or less monoculture of 
deciduous trees in the wildlands. Scrub oaks (golden tan) and aspens 
(bright yellow gold) are pretty much it except for the occasional 
maple that gives a spot of red [technically it isn't a maple,although 
it looks similar. For the most part, maples cannot grow here: the 
evapo-transpiration rate through the leaves exceeds the water uptake 
rate of the roots. However there is the occasional anomaly like Maple 
Canyon.]. But it's a more than fair trade-off to not have the 
stultifying humidity of the east.


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