Ok enough OT stuff Lets talk skiing. My hunger is so bad I can't take
it much longer (and hopefully won't have to). I want to hear what
people are doing preseason to get ready for the season.

I am starting to hit the gym. Hitting the climbing wall a little to
keep my arms going and to warm up. Then some running, nothing too far
but some sustained warm out then a few fast laps. Then into the gym,
working core stuff especially abs and lower back (for those massive
stomps... hopefully). Then some time on the squat machine working with
high reps on lower weight then finishing with low reps on high weight.
I am also planning on getting my bike to school soon. I think that
skinning with alpine boots, marker dukes, and 196cm Legend pro's and
maybe a safety brick or two should be good training when the snow gets

Of course we can't forget the rest day training, on the harder days we
have the 40 oz curls. On the meduim days we have the 12oz. curls.
Finally on the real relaxed days there are the 1/8oz. curls just to
keep from loosing it entirely, and so you can invite the ladies to the
gun show.


Pray for snow... soon

As lonely as the mountain can be, lonelier still is the man whose
travels take him away from the mountains.

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