It's nice to see that mtn. biking in Chittenden County is finally
catching up to where mtn. biking was in Windham County 15 years ago.
I'd say one of the biggest differences between mtn. biking up here and
down there is that up here at places such as Saxon Hill, Catamount
Center, and Hinesburg Town Forest, you have that feeling of riding in
that controlled park of trails that JJ describes so well.  That's not
to say that HTF has bad trails, on the contrary, it has some very cool
terrain.  But, in Windham County, there's one fellow who has 26 miles
of trails out his back door, people often ride on roads to get to or
connect loops and the rides tend to feel like you're actually going
somewhere.  Often times rides will start and end in very different
places.  Four are not unheard of.

--Matt K.

On 9/20/07, Jumpin_Jimmy <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> What if there was a four hour mountain biking loop that gained and dropped
> thousands of vertical feet....and that much of the vertical drop was sweet,
> buff single-track, lasting for miles and miles? What if this loop took advantage
> of the beauty and natural terrain features of the Huntington/Hinesburg trail
> nexus?
> The loop exists. I did it last friday with another old-schooler from back in the
> mountain biking day. You know what? Nobody else will ride it. Not because any
> of it is closed, but because so many riders today lack imagination, map reading
> skills, and the willingness to consider a road as a way to travel except in a car.
> That right. We rode on roads to gain elevation and to connect loops of single
> track, even though we were on bikes. Mostly, riders I see or talk to rule out
> any ride that means their knarly tires will hit a road. All they want to do is go
> around in circles in a controlled "park" of trails. How sad.
> Anyhow, for those who know the area, here is the loop:
> Taft Road (Huntington) to Mailbox Trails to the end of Hollow Road to
> Huntington to Texas Hill Road to Economu Road to the HTF to Dragonback
> (backwards) all the way up (ridgeline) to the Front Door to Lincoln Hill Road to
> Back Door to Pinner Trail to Hollow Road to the Mailbox Trails to Taft Road. 4
> hours, including stops...

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