>  At one
> Halloween party I remember Wesley was dressed as a "Radio Tower."  
> He refused to speak;
> all you heard was his AM radio play the game

World Series, Yankees vs Braves, 1996

Radio Tower, is that what I was? I wore that same getup -- black  
plastic planting pot on head, small hole to see through covered by  
black window screen, big piece of cardboard over my shoulders to make  
them look really big, head through hole in white sheet draped over  
the cardboard. Probably wore my Hanson Ski Boots -- to Vermont Pub  
and Brewery, entered their costume contest. When asked what I was  
drssed as there, I said "Susan Sweetser," a pathetically lame and  
whiney  republican candidate for congress running against Bernie  
Sanders. I won 3rd place.

> from under his wierd costume...another year
> tho, he froze...dressed as a caveman in caveman shorts...remember  
> that, Wes?

That one was popular with the ladies, as I recall.

When's the next bonfire, Jim? I have a lot of old christmas trees  
ready to go.

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