Mtn Biking 3-4x week
Pilates 2x week
Trail Running 1-2x week (when trails are too wet to ride)
Swimming (15-20 min session 3x week, but may start to peter off soon in time 
in water and number times per week)
Trampoline 15 min session 2x week (just starting this routine as swimming 
peters out)
Windsurfing 2x week or more if the wind is up (sometimes includes swimming) 
(will start to peter out in about 5-6 weeks)

Finally taking off last winter's weight...has taken most of the summer. Finally 
cut out most of the refined sugars and starches which has really helped.

In about 4-6 weeks, the dark times will limit my work-out time, will have me 
out of the water, and pounding trail with my feet more than with the wheels 
and I'll be counting the days until I will be able to ski out my back yard.

I hope to waterski on thursday.

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