Do cyclocross bike usually have suspension? front and tail?

I love MTB mostly because of the full suspension bike. If it didn't have the 
suspension I would probably not like it as much...too jarring for my old bod. 
Road bikes hurt me.

I think I need the full suspension MTB for the terrain I ride.

My friend rides with no suspension at all, and she has some trouble riding some 
of the obstacles that I cruise right over. We are trying to convince her to get 
suspension. She's older than me (but like 50lbs lighter...Dan and 
Roger...remember Anne who paddled the Lehigh w/us?) and can power up the 
hills easily but can't seem to get over the big roots and even the medium logs. 
Some of it is technique and experience, but I realize it would be harder to 
learn w/o front suspension.

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