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>Yesterday, I received the latest issue of "SKIING" in the mail and there is
a very cool contribution on page 12E by Ben Hewitt about skiing in October.
 Ben's piece has a lot of reference to last October in Vermont, and really
catches some of the special vibe (at least as I've experienced it)
associated with these types of days.  I'm sure many on the list will enjoy
it and be able to relate.  Who knows, maybe Mother Nature will give us
another opportunity for such experiences this fall.

It really does have a special feel to it...October turns in VT that is.  Two
Octobers ago, I was riding the K1 at Killington where everything was fair
game if you could get to it.  Skiing Superstar, Ovation, Cascade, Escapade,
Dipper, etc in October under blue skies with a couple feet of fresh was
something special.  Then, last October I got 3 or 4 days in on Mansfield
after 2-3 feet over 7 days.  Skiing Starr, Nosedive, National, Chin Clip,
etc in October was also something very special.  What differentiated the two
was the fact that Killington's had the lift access.  The number of cars in
the Midway parking lot at Stowe last October was nuts...there were more cars
there than there was during many days in December.  

October turns are cool.  Full out 2000+ vertical foot powder runs in October
are awesome.


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