We will be meeting at 11:30 on Saturday, September 6 for the parade at  
the front entrance to the hockey rink.  You will see a lot of people  
setting up at this time.  The more people the better.  If you are  
coming, please let me know.  Also let me know:

if you will be just walking in the parade, selling raffle tickets (it  
is not long 12-12:45 maybe),

if you will be working the picknick to sell raffle tickets (after the  
parade until 2ish),

if you will be able to go downton after the picknick or a combination  
of the above options.

Also let me know if you need a T-Shirt, I will bring them on Saturday.

Kelly, will you be coming to the parade. If so, can you bring spray  
paint and a big poster?  If not, let me know whether I should pick  
them up before hand or buy something.

Thanks guys