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I was asked by SGA to pass this along:

Food Lovers Unite!  The Food Network is Coming to UVM...

The Food Network will be on UVM campus Friday, October 12 in  
partnership with Collegiate Eats to tape an episode of a new  
television program called Food for Thought.  Each episode profiles  
both a college and a favorite restaurant students like to eat at.   
This episode will feature UVM student tastes and Boves Restaurant  
downtown.  Students are invited to a Boves cooking demo on the UVM  
Green from 10:30 am to 1:45 pm on Friday.  Students may be interviewed  
by the program and are welcome to free lasagna when the demo is done.   
The cooking demo will be held in Billings in the event of rain.

   If you like to cook I'm sure you would enjoy the show!  I will be  
there and encourage all of you who are going to wear your ewb  
t-shirts.  It would be great if a glimpse of the t-shirt got on  
national television or if you are lucky enough to get interviewed by  
the food network.