Great!  We look forward to seeing you then.

Quoting Daniel Baker <[log in to unmask]>:

> Hi Jacquie - That was a good meeting the other night.  Mon. 10/15 I
> have a field project with my CDAE 251 class and I'll be away from
> Burlington.  I could meet on Mon 10/22 at 7.  We can talk about the
> details and questions re. the next Honduras trip then.
> Best,
> Dan
> Jacqueline Elizabeth Bell wrote:
>> Hi Dan,
>>  Thank-you again for sharing your time and project with us this   
>> past monday night.  Monday nights are best for us to meet becuase   
>> of many conflicting schedules.  Will you be available this monday,   
>> the 15th or the following monday (22nd) at 7:00?
>>  The student chapter & our technical lead, Peter DeGraff would like  
>>  to meet to discuss how to develop this tie to Hondorus and your   
>> class. From your presentation it looks like a particular group,   
>> your class or a graduate student, identifies a need and implements   
>> a solution while working very closely with the Hondorus community.   
>>  We have the same beliefs and missions in our work.  My hope is to   
>> meet with you and disucss some possible engineering needs of this   
>> community.
>> Our chapter could then work on a few solutions that could be   
>> evaluated on a site assessment to see if the solutions would be   
>> suitable and adequate for the community.  The design and   
>> construction details could be worked out during the spring semester  
>>  as a group. After your and nicole's careful evaluation and   
>> collaboration, the project can then be implemented (hopefully   
>> traveling with your class in May).
>> This would be a possible way to work with your class as an EWB   
>> club, instead of trying to fit us all in your class.  We can try   
>> our best to build the bridge between engineers and community   
>> development!
>> Cheers,
>> Jacquie
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