From all the reports (thanks Terry, Jacquie and Peter for keeping me up
to date), it sounds like things are going well!  We'll be planning
another joint professionals meeting for November 12.



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Hear, hear!  I am so proud of EWB-UVM!

Michael J. Rosen wrote:
> How I wish I had time to get very involved. Not going to happen. I'm 
> developing and co-teaching Freshman Design for the first time this 
> Spring, continuing to teach Senior Design and preparing to teach both 
> of them in the Fall! And hoping to finish my airplane in the Summer. 
> So no trip to Honduras for me any time soon. I'll continue to attend 
> our meetings and to make suggestions as they occur to me. You're doing

> a fine job. It must be very gratifying to see the chapter grow and
> Mike