It was very nice to see you  again and chat about the exciting things 
that you and EWB are doing.  I will look forward to your banquet.  In 
preparation, could you please let me know

    * when EWB at UVM was started
    * who the officers are
    * how many members and
    * what big projects have been undertaken

Also the URL for the Union of Concerned Scientists is I would be happy to discuss this further, if 
there is interest.

Best wishes,
Dean Grasso

Domenico Grasso, Ph.D., P.E., DEE
Dean & Professor of Engineering
College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
The University of Vermont
Burlington, VT 05405-0156

Environmental Engineering Science

Jacqueline Elizabeth Bell wrote:
> Hi Dean Grasso;
>   It was very nice speaking with you today.  We will definitely be 
> getting back to you on the Unified Concerned Engineers group - great 
> idea!
>   Attached to this email is information on our banquet, keynote 
> speaker, and kayak raffle.  We are raffling off an old town kayak and 
> the winner will be announced at the banquet.
>   For the members in our group, we are a group of diverse students: 
> ME,CE,Eng. Mgnt, EE, political science, & nursing as our undergrads.  
> We have several graduate students in CE,ME,Biology,International 
> Development & Environ.Engineering.  We are mentored by a group of 
> professional engineers from IBM, ARD, Stantec, & Otter Creek 
> Engineering.  Our technical lead is UVM CE Alum and President of Otter 
> Creek Engineering, Peter DeGraff.  We are working closely with Faculty 
> in ME (Professor Rosen), CDAE (Professor Dan Baker).
>   Within the next two weeks I can email you more information on our 
> new project with Dan Baker in Honduras.
> Thank-you so much!
> Jacquie