It was very nice to see you  again and chat about the exciting things that you and EWB are doing.  I will look forward to your banquet.  In preparation, could you please let me know

Also the URL for the Union of Concerned Scientists is I would be happy to discuss this further, if there is interest.

Best wishes,
Dean Grasso
Domenico Grasso, Ph.D., P.E., DEE
Dean & Professor of Engineering
College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
The University of Vermont
Burlington, VT 05405-0156

Environmental Engineering Science

Jacqueline Elizabeth Bell wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite">Hi Dean Grasso;

  It was very nice speaking with you today.  We will definitely be getting back to you on the Unified Concerned Engineers group - great idea!
  Attached to this email is information on our banquet, keynote speaker, and kayak raffle.  We are raffling off an old town kayak and the winner will be announced at the banquet.
  For the members in our group, we are a group of diverse students: ME,CE,Eng. Mgnt, EE, political science, & nursing as our undergrads.  We have several graduate students in CE,ME,Biology,International Development & Environ.Engineering.  We are mentored by a group of professional engineers from IBM, ARD, Stantec, & Otter Creek Engineering.  Our technical lead is UVM CE Alum and President of Otter Creek Engineering, Peter DeGraff.  We are working closely with Faculty in ME (Professor Rosen), CDAE (Professor Dan Baker).
  Within the next two weeks I can email you more information on our new project with Dan Baker in Honduras.

Thank-you so much!