Hello my Jeanne Mancers!

So I know I told you all to sign up on my door if you were interested in going 
apple picking but it turns out that our wonderful C.A.B. has already started 
planning a building-wide trip.  This will most likely be happening on Saturday, 
October 27th.  Keep checking the C.A.B. bulletin board in the JM lobby.  

Also, if you signed up for the JM2 volleyball team, we need to get together 
and come up with a team name and jerseys!  please email me back with the 
days and times that you are available to meet for 5-10 minutes.  Also, we 
need a team representive to attend the intramural meeting on Thursday, Oct. 
11th at 7 p.m.  The location is TBA.  I would go but I am on duty that night.  
So let me know if youd be willing to go and represent JM2.

I was planning on doing some baking this Thursday around 7ish.  I know 
Becca, you were interested in making an apple pie or apple crisp.  There are 
pans, bowls, and mixing spoons for rent at the front desk.  But if you are 
interested in making some goodies tomorrow night just let me know :).



-One more thing, I am going to put a box outside of my door.  If you could 
keep your coke caps, cans, boxes (only the ones with the CokeRewards codes 
on them) and drop in the box when youre passing through that would be 
great.  Our ARD Hannah collects the caps.  I thought it would be nice if we 
showed her some JM2 love.