-Reminder: For those of you who are interested in going apple-picking this 
Saturday, don't forget to sign-up with Geoff (3rd floor RA) or Emily (4th floor 

-Also, please be careful this weekend.  Have fun but please do not walk 
around on the streets alone.  I read an old article from the cynic today about 
two girls who were in South Burlington who did not have money for a cab so 
they called the Burlington police for assistance.  The police refused to give 
them a ride and the girls, had to walk alone late at night.  They parted half 
way to go back to their apartments.  It's pretty sad that the police still aren't 
taking action even after last year's incident with Michelle.  If your friends 
ditch you at a party or you just need a ride, please don't walk alone.  I have 
my car on campus and I will gladly pick you up, no questions asked.


**If you have seen or have a vacuum that is not yours and does not belong 
to Jeanne Mance, please return it to Noreen.  She is missing hers.  Thanks!!!!