Building Leadership Skills?

Last year we held a 4 day training on Building Leadership Skills for Supported Employment managers.  Below is the agenda we used.  We'd like to repeat the training if there is a need.  We had a very small group last year so I'm seeking your feedback:

1. Would you be interested in attending this training?

2. Is 4 days too much to commit to?

3. We had is split last year with 2 days in a row, then 2 days a couple of weeks later.  Is this good, or would you prefer 1 day at a time spread out over 4 weeks?

4. A suggestion was made to have an intense 2 day, overnight training at Lake Morey (or other location).  What are your thoughts on that?

5. Any other suggestions or comments?

Please let me know your thoughts.  Thank you.

Instructor: Loretta Symons, Center Stone Consulting

Day 1& 2:
Culture and Vision: Developing strategic thinking skills.
Situational Leadership: How to motivate, instruct, coach, support, and direct your employeesŠand when to do each.
Level of Leadership Involvement: Provides a model to guide information flow and communication between manager and direct reports. This model is useful for most situations and may be particularly helpful with offsite employees.
Decision-Making: Describes several approaches to group and individual decision-making, and provides an opportunity to try methods through exercises and activities.

Day 3 & 4:
Exploring your Leadership Style: Building self-awareness, Motivating others, Style application in problem-solving
Emotional Intelligence: building healthy relationship, and managing your own emotions under stress.
Performance Management and Career Development: learning and application, provide an overview, tools and an opportunity to practice some difficult conversations.
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