would a supervisor email be anyone, or do we have a specific one, or do we need to come up with one on our own?

On 10/9/07, Shauneen Frances Grout < [log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hey guy,
Ok so we've got some business to take care of:

First anyone who intends to do any sort of skiing as part of the club
this year has to fill out an insurance waiver form and bring it (or
mail it) to Leon Lifschutz in the SGA offices. Its a really simple
form. To find it just go to the SGA website, find the link to
"Documents and Forms" and click on the "Insurance Waiver". It's super
simple. If you plan on going on the Mount Sainte Anne trip those need
to be in by November 5th. Anyone who isn't considering the trip needs
to have them in by November 9th.

Second: As of right now there are no van certified drivers in our
midst (if I'm wrong and there is someone out there who is please let
me know!). This poses a problem. For each van we want to rent, we need
to have two van certified driver.  So really we should get as many
people certified as possible. Getting certified is really easy. To
start the process go to the Risk Management website and fill out the
fun little form under "Drivers Training Registration" the website is
Once that is filled out you need to bring it (or mail it) to the Risk
Management Offices in McAuley Hall on Trinity Campus. It will take a
while for them to ok your driving record and then they will allow you
to sign up for a course. The course is really simple, theres no test
or anything so don't worry. The process does take a while so don't
wait, get started ASAP. We REALLY need drivers if we want to go
anywhere this year so do it up!

Let us know if there are any questions.

Thanks Bundles!
UVM Nordic Ski Club