So I'm hoping to get out this winter but I need to find some skis  
first.  Where would people reccomend going so that I could get set up  
with decent gear and not pay an arm and a leg?  I'm just getting into  
this so I don't need a racing setup by any means, just something to  
get me out.  I'm thinking I need to go to somewhere like Skirack to  
get fitted (that may not be the right term, I ride bikes so am  
ignorant of nordic terminology), and then I can look elsewhere if the  
Skirack peeps don't have many options that I can afford.
   Also, is it better to start with classic skis so that I can use  
them in varied terrain and on trails that aren't groomed?  I  
understand you either need good packed down stuff or well-groomed  
trails to use skate skis to the best of their ability, but I could be  
   Thanks for your input everybody, hopefully I'll have skis of my own  
and will be able to get going with them in time for the Mount Sainte  
Anne trip!

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