Okay-- first, Allen Brothers Marsh yielded multiple varieties of 
sparrow: song, savannah, white-throated and possibly field, along 
with great-blue herons, mallards, wood ducks, goldfinches and a 
common yellowthroat.

Today was the first day in a week where I didn't see any 
white-crowned sparrows anywhere, but I didn't spend a lot of time 
looking for them.

In the yard today was the first red-breasted nuthatch I've seen at 
our feeders this Fall.  Purple finches continue in large numbers, 
along with white-throated sparrows, tufted titmouses, black-capped 
chickadees, occasional dark-eyed juncos, white-throated sparrows, 
downy and hairy woodpeckers, white-breasted nuthatches, northern 
cardinals, american robins and (heard, not seen) at least one 
carolina wren.

Also in our yard is our resident red-shouldered hawk, looking much 
redder on the shoulders than last year.  I don't have much in the way 
of pictures of it, but I got a good look at it as it flew off and I 
heard its call very distinctly (it's hard to miss when it's overhead).

Thumbnails of the savannah, the red-shouldered (obscured picture with 
leaves in front), a purple finch and the best red-breasted nuthatch 
picture I've ever taken all at:

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