Today I decided to have lunch on our south-facing deck to enjoy the sun and birds.? After about 15 minutes of quietly sitting?and no birds, I stood up to look around at other feeders.? An adult cooper's hawk flew from a tree about 20 yards from the house. He swooped across, near the deck, and then made a circle in the west.

We have, on occasion, seen cooper's on our property; however, I was surprised a bird would perch so close to the house and to me.

Kay in Hinesburg

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Yesterday afternoon I stopped and watched a perched Adult Cooper's Hawk
overlooking the north end of the airport. It gave up amazing views and
stayed even after I got out of my car. After several minutes it flew off
stirring up and giving chase to some doves, then peeled off into the
adjacent neighborhood. 

This morning on my way into town I saw a VERY similar bird cross Williston
road near Higher Ground. I'd be surprised to have two adult coop's moving
through that area in a such a way. Also its behavior was more like a
resident to me than a migrant. 

As a side note I made it down to Cape May last Saturday. All I have to say
is WOW. If you haven't been, go!

Silas Miller
South Burlington

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