Tag wrote:
>Actually if you go to the Met you can understand everything because there
>are little LED boxes in front of every seat where the English translation is
>played similar to subtitles at a movie.

So in addition to hearing music I don't particularly care for, 
singing I don't like at all, in languages I don't understand, done by 
people in outlandish costumes, telling tired old stories, you're 
saying I have to read subtitles to follow what's happening? I have to 
READ??? ;-)

You opera nerds aren't making a particularly enthralling case that 
your art is accessible. No, art doesn't need to be accessible. One 
can make a very cogent argument that much of the best art is indeed 
barely accessible, at least at first encounter. But it kind of falls 
flat when you're trying to convince people of the enjoyment offered 
by opera. Sorry kids, we'll have to disagree on this one.

Say, does anyone know if Bad Religion is currently on tour? Missed 
them the last time they came through town. Same for Social 
Distortion. Oh, if anyone is in SLC over Thanksgiving, Juliette and 
the Licks are playing Club Suede on 11/21.


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