Matt wrote:
>Art can challenge us, whether it is an Elliott Carter string quartet,
>or a Jackson Pollock painting, or suspension as performance art.  But,
>regardless, it ellicits
>  emotions from its audience.  It may be one of contempt, disgust, or
>bewilderment, but the artist, through his or her work, has
>communicated with you.  Familiarity will transform these feelings.
>Your reaction may change from disgust or indifference to a feeling of
>understanding, appreciation, or enjoyment.  Or, the intensity of your
>original reaction may increase or be reinforced.
>Arguably, the familiar--in my business, the Bach, Haydn, and
>Mozart--is as complex and hard to understand as the unfamilar: the
>Seeger, Schoenberg, and Cage.  To answer Patrick, a personal
>experience with art, whether in a concert venue or a museum, should
>always yield new discovery and fresh experience.

I agree.
What? It took all that cyber-ink to get to this point? :-)

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