Jeremy Malczyk wrote:
> But, that's nothing...
Wow. Just... I'm speechless.

Regarding Denis's original question, I'm not especially afraid of 
heights, but I am quite afraid of falling.

Back in high school, I did a bunch of climbing because I was hanging 
around with a bunch of climbers and it was just the thing to do. The day 
I gave it up I was stuck somewhere on a cliff, unable to go up or down, 
losing strength quickly, and my leg sewing machining mercilessly. I 
didn't panic or anything, and I eventually worked my way out of my jam, 
but in the process I just simply realized that I hated the whole 
activity, and there was not a single thing that I found fun about it. I 
asked myself "why am I here?" (meaning stuck in that particular place on 
the cliff, not in any grand existential sense), and none of the answers 
I came up with were any good. I haven't climbed since.

That was in the Gunks, and ironically I spent the next summer working at 
the Gunks in the Mohonk forest preserve there.

Obviously I still love the mountains, but I'll hike up them now, thank 
you very much.

Dave G.

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