riding in the htf last night, i came up on a guy (no helmet, btw) whilst climbing dragon's 
tail.  i ahem'd a few time; i blew a snot rocket; i coughed, but for some reason this guy 
wasn't yielding.  so i slipped into a lower gear and settled into spin a bit.  by and by, he 
sucked up some leaves into his cassette and stopped to clean it out.  when i overtook 
him, he was obviously surprised to see me there.  he pulled the ear-buds out, i 
apologized (for scaring him), and then spun on.

so it got me thinking.  the snow tire debate, the roof spoiler debate, and the other classic 
preseason debates seem exhausted... so i thought i'd throw this out:  how the lleh can 
anyone participate in any outside sport with those nmadable ipods?!  i don't get it.

i used to run, tried phones, hated them--always felt like it messed with my equilibrium, 
for lack of a better term.  i tried them on the bike... and that lasted less than a minute.  i 
can't stand to have any noise in my ears, no matter how sweet the song; the forest 
always seems better to me with its own soundtrack.  and skiing, fuggetaboutit.  having 
that noise in my head totally takes away from the experience, kuffs up the zen feel, and 
maybe most importantly, deprives me of one of my senses--i think we use the sense of 
sound in the woods for bearings and intuitive choices more than we think we do.

anyhow, i don't know why yousguys do it.  is it that you geezers want to relive your 
rockandroll glory days, or what?  <cough> <jumpincough> <jimmycough>...


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