As the owner of a phone with MP3 player I can say that I would not bike with 
headphones. Last thing I'd want on my head while sweating and huffing up a 
hill. I like to hear the sounds of the forest and to hear where my dogs are and 
if there may potentially be others around.

I occasionally ski with headphones, but really only when I am alone, mostly to 
keep me entertained on the long lonely lift rides. I have found that I don't 
actually hear the music when I am skiing anyway. If I come upon a friend at 
Greek Peak I always turn off my music and turn my attention to the person I 
am skiing/riding the lift with.

I don't like it when others are "tuned out" while I am skiing with them. Bubba 
does this. I don't like it much. He's already "out there". But then again, I am 
enabling him because I bought him that Audex Blue Tooth jacket. He LOVES it 
and can't wait to wear it and get lost in the hood with the speakers blasting.

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