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>I wish you would post the "Sponsor Me, Jake" movie too.

to answer this and rk's earlier query--we can post it after the contest, i 
guess.  i'll have to check with my manager, bouche dachard, to see for sure.

also, there's an OGE film contest for more local flavor.  i believe that it is NOV. 
1.  perhaps my manager can weigh in on that one too--he seems to have his 
hand in all of those film gigs...  

>Oh, one bone to pick, tho...the text needs a correction...not all
>junkboarders "flip the cut board around to get an inside edge." The true "core"
>junkboarder realizes that an edge is an admission of weakness, and hence
>simply skis it cut in the fellow whose feet are seen, but not his face
>in the video link!

pfffffff.  save it for jbvt-l.  whose feet, indeed.


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