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>So being very good at what you do allows you to do whatever you want,
>including jeopardizing others? (I'm just trying to probe your logic)

He does not jeopardize others. Never seen him do that. I believe he has good 
sensibilities in how his actions affect others...though I do think he can be rude 
to his friends when he's "tuned out" and non-social as a result. I've never 
seen his lack of hearing affect his ability to ski safely and keep other safe 
around him. Bubba is also more concerned about keeping himself safe, as he 
learned to ski when he was 47. This is why I think he has the right to ski with 
headphones...(btw, he would never use an I-Pod...he uses an I-River (geeks 
will know the difference...the I-Pod is the McMusic player).


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