3 tours in Vietnam in the late 60s (he was under 20). On one of his leaves he 
shot an automatic weapon at the house of a girlfriend. Instead of putting him 
in jail, they sent him back to Nam where he had some kind of purpose, which 
he apparently needed. He was a Green Beret, Special Forces. As typical for 
him, he excelled at what he did. He needed this kind of thing. He grew up a 
white trash Rochester hoodlum before going into the Army, so he needed some 
kind of structure and reward system. The Army provided this, as well as meals 
and clothing, something he had very little of as a poor child of a retarded 
mother and alcoholic father. After a few years chilling out in Germany, they let 
him back into the US and he went to flight school where he learned to fly 
helicopter. He went to Central America in the late 70s and had even had the 
acquaintance of Noriega during one of his missions. He flew Chinooks in 
Nicaragua and Honduras for a number of years. Eventually he ended up in 
Alaska for a few years doing rescue on Denali before coming back this way 
and retiring with honors as a Warrant Officer. Then he got a computer and 
learned how program (completely self-taught...can program in just about any 

Oh, and I asked him yesterday if he thought he was potentially a danger to 
others while skiing with a headphones (or in his hood with speakers) and he 
said confidentally "NO" and looked at my like 'why would I even think that, he 
would never put anyone in danger'.


On Tue, 23 Oct 2007 22:22:44 -0400, T O S <[log in to unmask]> 

>You have given us a lot of Bubba's history, but it is disjointed.  Extremely
>interesting, but disjointed.  For example 23 years in the army, how many in
>nam?  Did he fly in the army?
>I enjoyed him at the partee 2 years ago.  Nice guy.
> None of this came out at the horn.
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